Steel Fiber Solutions


High Efficiency Machine to Produce Steel Fiber

In collaboration with one of the most important world manufacturers of steel fiber has developed this innovative solution to the highly efficient production of steel fiber.

The machine guarantees a high and continuous production of steel fiber, produce directly from a Drawing Machine. 

With the appropriate tools, can be preset for the production of any type, shape and dimension.

The particularity of this machine is the introduction of a new concept that combines the simplicity of operation with high performance and productivity.

A further innovation element is the wide tolerance range of the inlet wire material, so broad that it allows to transform scrap wire, considered out of tolerance from other processes, into a final product with high market value.



  Steel Fiber Machine Size               Steel Fiber



- Production Online, directly from the Drawing Machine.

- Speed Up to 30 mts./sec.                                   - Up to 600 Kg/hr /wire     

- Less Installation Cost                                       - Produce directly to Box or Big Bag.                           

- Fewer operators to produce at the line.              - No Spools, No Spooler, No Forklift, No Bridge Cranes.

- Less Production Cost.                                       - Less Maintenance Cost.

- There is no waste (0,3 to 0,6% from on conventional system)