About Us

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EUROPEAN company and market leader providing heat treatment

and hot-dip galvanizing facilities for the steel wire industries.


From 1988, we specialize in engineering, research, development,

fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment and

hot-dip galvanizing facilities for producers of steel wire.



Over the past 10 years we have developed in collaboration with the one of the largest world galvanized wire producer, innovative technologies that make us market leaders in new and ecological processes for produce hot-dip galvanizing wires.


WITECH's world leaders in new technologies and production of equipments for produce hot-dip galvanized wires, creating new perspectives in offering environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions and less production costs.


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We supply the highest quality products, innovative technology, expert support and World Class Service.




              " ... WiTech’s culture is reflected in the core values we aspire to:

              A Winning Culture, Passionate People, Valued Customers and

              Engaged Leadership.

             Offer our clients exceptional service, creating a relationship of

             partners and help them become global leaders is our primary objective ... "

Ton Dalmau   

Founder and General Manager






              " At WITECH, Wire Technologies, we nurture and promote the process

                 of translating research into innovation and technology so that we can

                 continue to deliver leading-edge technical solutions that deliver lasting

                 value to our clients.... "


Xavier Ecke   

Engineering Manager





  foto         " ... We work hard to offer our customers the best service, the most innovative

                technologies, ecological and energetically very efficient ... "




Jordi Farre

Service Manager



  foto          " ... Our first job is to understand our customers’ financial objectives,

              then provide products and services to help satisfy those goals so they

              can be financially successful. And, the best way for us to meet our

              customers’ needs is by working together, as a team. ... "



Jordi Costa

Finance Manager   


  foto          " ... We work hard to offer our customers the most innovative

                technologies, ecological and energetically very efficient ... "




Cesar Rebollo

R&D Developer