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WiTech Wire Technologies

WITECH is specialized into engineering and manufacturing of equipment for Galvanizing wires, with or without annealing or any other thermal process. At WITECH we supply New Technologies and are World Leaders in Galvanizing Lines and New Processes for Wire. A single provider responsible for the whole Galvanizing Line. A EUROPEAN company and market leader providing heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing facilities for the steel wire industries.

From 1988, we specialize in engineering, research, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing facilities for the wires companies.

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Galvanizing lines for wire

GalvaGREEN, Ecological Annealing And Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines For Wires.

– FLUX is not used
– Energy saving due to higher efficiency of the furnace(s).
– Speed up DV400
– Intermediate stock of raw material 3 times smaller.
– 75% less zinc dross
– Complete lines up to 20 wires (2.300 Ton/month)
– Energy saving due to higher efficiency of the furnace(s). (up to 75%)
– Solutions from 1 wire (130 Ton/month) expandable to 10 wires (1.300 Ton/month).
– Very low «stand-by» energy consumption if the line is not producing (i.e. over weekends).
– The line can be transferred to another site in a very short time.
– Smaller zinc kettle (more than 90% reduction in zinc investment, 10 Ton (20.000€) vs 120 Ton (240.000€) In traditional Process).
– Plant space saving because of smaller footprint – 80 mts. GALVAGREEN vs 140 mts. traditional galvanization technology.

Heavy duty wire drawing machines

WiTech produces and sell heavy duty wire drawing machines.
They feature the following characteristics:

– EUROPEAN – USA Designs, Quality Controls, Service, Warranty and Safety Standards

– HEAVY DUTY, special attention is paid to solid machine construction and mounting of motors and running gear to reduce any chance of vibration

– OTO Block with VFN, Viscous Fluid Non-Wearing De-winding arm, maintenance free operation

– High Quality Blocks, FORGED ALLOY hardened steel blocks treated with a special system to reduce coefficient of friction

– Blocks are polished to mirror finish for smooth wire climbing, hardness of 60 HRC (+/- 2)

– Greatly extended block life, will last longer and can easily be reground with any treatment

– Very EFFICIENT COOLING BLOCK SYSTEM, fast water cooling exchange, internal self-clean system, chrome plate on the inside to prevent corrosion

– Easy access to the drawing area for operations and maintenance purposes

All machines feature high QUALITY components, like:
SIEMENS Plc and Drives
SIEMENS 1PH8 ServoMotors  
NORD Gearbox
SKF Bearings… 

Service, Commissioning and Guarantee from BARCELONA, EUROPE.
Our machines are HEAVY, SIMPLE, EASY… with the best PRICE-QUALITY ratio.

High efficiency machine for the production of steel fibers

In collaboration with one of the most important manufacturers of steel fiber world has developed this innovative solution to the highly efficient production of steel fiber. The machine guarantees a high and continuous production of steel fiber, produce directly from a drawing machine. With the appropriate tools, can be preset for the production of any type, shape and dimension.

The particularity of this machine is the introduction of a new concept that combines the simplicity of operation with high performance and productivity. A further innovation element is the wide tolerance range of the inlet wire material, so broad that it allows to transform scrap wire, considered out of tolerance from other processes, into a final product with high market value.

– Inline production, directly from the drawing machine.
– Speed up to 30 mts./sec.                                   
– Up to 600 Kg/hr /wire     
– Less installation cost                                           
– Produce directly to Box or Big Bag.                           
– Fewer operators to produce at the line.              
– No spools, no spooler, no forklift, no bridge cranes.
– Less production cost.                                           
– Less maintenance cost.
– There is no waste (0,3 to 0,6% from on conventional system)

High speed solutions to produce hexagonal & stucco mesh netting

WiTech, specializing in heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing facilities for the steel wire industriy, produces and sells high speed solutions for the manufacturing of hexagonal & stucco mesh netting.

High efficiency installation.
40% Less Production Cost.
Up to 32 operators less in the mesh production installation.

– Full automatic installation, coils wrapped with cardboard or plastic film;
– 0,5 – 1 – 1/2 – 2″ Hexagonal opening formed with a reverse twist for superior strength;
– Non furred – self furred – deep furred;
– Optional redline fastening guideline with special red coated wire;
– Reinforced wire every 30 cm;
– Double wire on border;
– Up to 45 mts./min. / 1 or 2 coils up 2 mts. wide mesh / production up 5.400 sqm / hour.

Lines for wire coils packaging

Witech, providing heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing plants since 1988, manufactures and sells facilities for the wire coils packaging.

– Facilities for conditioning wire coils from 20 To 2.000 Kg.
– Fully automatic solutions / form – press – strap – film.
– High efficiency and highly realiable installations.

WITECH’s world leaders in new technologies and production of equipments for produce hot-dip galvanized wires,


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